Genius hour

For genius hour  i am doing the topic what herbs and spices go together and I am doing this with elana. Elana and I are going to make a meal for the teachers.

We will be making a dish for them.The dish will be a three corse meal.


Candles Genius hour

How To Make Candles


you will need to get a recipe. I got my recipe of the website link below


2. gather supplies for making candles

# candle wax

# candle holder

# candle wicks

# small metal mixing bowl

# boiling water

# apron

# old newspaper

# spoon/oldknife


# gas burner



3. next you must make your candle:

step 1. put on apron and set up gas burner

step 2. over the gas burner sit your metal bowl and pour wax in. Stir untill wax is malted

step 3. spoon wax in to your candle holder. make shore it is 3mm from the top.



step 4. Sit your candle in the fridge untill wax completely set ( time depends on size).

step 5. lite your candle.

step 6. sit back and relax.






Go to  the link below find out how,to make mash mallow.



to be safe.

You must

-stere calmly

-not toch the stove

-adolt sopervishon