1.The thing I have enjoyed most this week is 3-6 in LC3  as it is very nice and quiet

2. I have learnt all about verbs which are doing words. In design an technology I learnt what things are needed to make a lava lamp.

3. My goals for next week is to have  neater hand writing.

challenges i faced were  inventing a  laver lamp

what i injoyed working in LC3 because it was quiet


my goals are for this semester

english neater hand writing for big writing

maths makeing the houses




what I have learnt

-In OLSC`s got talent it is not all about wining it about having  fun

-I have learnt  about  aboriginal staff such as,they make wepons to catch there dinner.

-I learnt how to mine


what I have injoyed

-Having fun and always have a smile.

-Working with my friends.




persanal  learning not detracted. inapersenal learnig worket as a team






























































































































hrough out this term me Portia, Serena, Mia and laiken have been tiring to invent something different. our project witch a inquiry project when we had to invent something we chose  to make a blue non poison  lava lamp that has glitter, robo fish. during the project it was really enjoyable and and helpful for my learning with others because sometimes its fun to work with others and not just by my self. as I was making the ocean lava lamp and going though the design beef it helped me along the way because  it had the steps and what you need to do to help you a long the way. As I was going down the beef it said what will make your invention better I thought maybe if was full of bubbles

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